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"Tribute to 911" 24X28, Acrylic on canvas framed
The nose on the face is the number 2 in 2001. The face represents the people that lost their lives. The red stack is a symbol of the smoke and loss of economics from underground, also the face of a fireman, and the number 0 in 2001. The hand holding the globe is the USA holding the world in its hands, and the globe shows the three places where the planes hit the ground. The blue clock represents the color of the sky before the attack and the number 0 in 2001. The time on the clock indicates the time of the attack. The rail track end represents the number 1 in 2001 and the loss of the New York Underground Railroad. The smoke coming from the Pentagon represents the plane that attacked the building. The Twin Towers are the number 11. What all do You See??

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